Late September

"Pawn Takes King"

This is the first "video" I did. It was for my group Unxnoun Ceeds....I did Emcee at one time, i think I still do. I called up Kush, Qualm, and Loud and told them I had to do a video for my class at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the were in Atlanta. They ran around the city and got footage, with no music mind you, and mailed it to me. I did my part in my parents backyard and across the street and tried to create magic. I was quite proud of my little creation and maybe one day we can get another Unxnoun Ceeds video????
...I present to you "Pawn Takes King"

"The Soundtrack"

So it's around 2005 and I'm in this same class at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and it's time for another project. I'm trying to kill 2 birds by satisfying my academic requirements and do this rap shit, so what do i do....make another video. I had recently done this song with my guy Suice and decided to use it for this project in which we could only use pictures. I used only my verse and turned it into a trailer of sorts for a project I worked on called The Life of Brian.

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