Thursday, August 26, 2010


Black Milk - Deadly Medley (feat. Royce Da 5'9" & Elzhi)

The official video from Black Milk's release "Album Of The Year," dropping September 14 via Fat Beats Records / Decon.

Guest vocals from Royce Da 5'9" and Elzhi.

Directed by Gerard Victor Atillo

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Naked Under My Clothes...

So 0333 Saturday Morning I'm on Twitter, @bprice954 get @ me, and Ms. Badu @fatbellybella let's everyone that's awake at GrindTime know that it's time to shuffle over to her website and check out her new video. I been in love, excuse me, A FAN of Badu and her music and live show from the jump so of course I oblige and head to I liked the look of the vid off rip. Film look, Badu, good song, then.....anyway by now EVERYONE knows how it went down. I couldn't deny posting it just cause it's been hyped out already. I'm a FAN. I gotta do it. Hopefully we all can get the message, get the music, and GO BUY THE ALBUM.

Go to for the video. Here's THE INSPIRATION.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I moved to Atlanta in 1998. Got a spot at 3200 Lenox Road with Sum Kid and Great Scott right by the Lenox Mall and the Marta station. I said Freaknik was gonna be poppin!!! I ain't gotta drive nowhere, I'm just walking up the street and joining in on the coonery. Weekend came for freaknik....streets was empty. No large crowds, loud music, sex in the streets, large police presence, women peeing in the streets, sex in public, and Babylonian activity like I saw in 1996??? FUCK! Thanks for the memories T-Pain.

Wu Tang MUFUKAS!!!! Meth, Ghost, Rae - "Our Dreams"

If you don't like The Wu get the fuck of this page right now. Ya pants prolly so tight ya balls round ya ankles anyway. Rae, Ghost, and Meth on the same track??? Pull out the Karl Kani right now nigga!!!

ATL HO!!!!!

You know how a nigga make it out the hood and you see him doing his thing you get this feeling of pride, that is if you lack that hater gene. Chief Justice and Chris Carr was around in the "A" when the underground was popping. DJ Drama with Locks, Divinity wasn't on tour wit Beyonce, and niggas wasn't trapping. Chief Justice ran with the Architects and Chris with Hikru. Cult of Icon, Binkis Recs, Vintage Imperial, Datbu, Micronots, Stahhr, Club Sol, Club Kaya, and The Ying Yang were staples. Some made it, and some gave it up, but I'm glad to see these brothers still doing it...

Rex Arrow Films Presents...

Chief Justice - Final Destination

Lead Single off the new Promo CD(dwnld free @ )

Rex Arrow Films 2010

Rosetta Stoned
Performed at 255 McKibbin St. in Brooklyn, NY on February 28, 2010.

Rex Arrow Films 2010

Black or White...

When working on a concept for a video called "Static" grimey and BLACK and WHITE immediately come to mind. For my first project with anyone, especially the visually inclined Roni Nicole, this shit gotta be dope! Roni says, "Black and white gonna be overdone right now". I feel you, BUT you can never go wrong. That shit just look extra CRISPY and VISUAL! needless to's overdone right now. These joints are dope, but for the first project we do together we gotta be on some whole nother other.

Kelly Love Jones: "For You" by Roni Nicole

I met Kelly Jones in about 1992 when she was at high school with my cousin. I came up to ATL from Florida and performed in their high school talent show with them. 1994 Kelly come to Ga Southern University where I was attending with my cousin, JLoud, and Luladae Terefe of the 365 photo fame. I just wanna saw I know some talented MF's, anyway, myself, Loud, and Kelly do another talent show this time at a college level. There where HATERS in the crowd which we came to love, because that's how we came to meet Amen Kush and Great Scott, who was attending Morehouse College, and beefed up the roster for the Unxnoun Ceeds. After watching our glorious performance and stewing because they didn't have the idea first, they invited us back to their dorm room to "smoke" which was some sort of freestyle battle sneak attack. After holding our own over fantastic instrumentals from the 94 era we earned our respect. The UnXnoun Ceeds had grown and long lasting friendships were formed. Fast forward to 2009 outside Cenci in East Atlanta I come across this young lady with shot list in hand I hear is doing this video for Kelly Love Jones. She introduces herself as Roni Nicole of Moving Pictures and after seeing her work and her many more times around town I knew I had to work with her. To make a long story short, look out for myself and Roni doing Mike Flo's "Static" video soon and check the video she did for my folk Kelly Love Jones...

Honor Music Group and Moving Pictures present Kelly Love Jones' debut music video, directed by Roni Nicole.
Produced by Karen Marie Mason for Honor Music Group
Production Design by Ingrid Sibley
Hair Design by Anna Clark and Tellis Dee Johnson aka Mr. Silky
Makeup by Tonisha for Technikohler Artistry
Fire and Wind by Choma
Wardrobe by Roni Nicole
Special Thanks to Y-Not Vintage, Cenci, Vegabond Catering

Monday, March 22, 2010


Had to start with one of my favorite videos of ALL time.

noisivision September 11, 2006I produced this video, which was a lot of fun to make. It was the longest running music video on BET when it originaly aired.

Trivia #1: The red car in the beginning was my 1991 Mercury Capri.

Trivia #2: There is no violence depicted in the video. There are looters, cops, exploding cars, etc., but no violence.

Trivia #3: Flava Flav and the Alkoholiks are featured in the video

Trivia #4: In the looting scene, the guy crashing through the window holding onto a box was our stunt coordinator, Branscombe Richmond. If you look closely, you will notice there is nothing inside the box.

Trivia #5: The concept of the video, i.e., making it look like one continuous shot with no cuts, was Xzibit's.

Producer: Braddon Mendelson
Director: Gregory Dark
Prod. Co.: FM Rocks

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who's JAX????

Jax and I weren't best friends. We didn't hang out all the the time. Chris Thurston was a GOOD dude and I respected that. When we saw each other there was a mutual respect and each time I was genuinely glad to see the brother. The first time i saw dude was the first time I saw Binkis Recs at the Apache and dudes was DEEEEP. This was around the Cult Of Icon '99 era and I took notice. Each time we scheduled to work together something hindered that opportunity which saddens me to this day. These days a lot of cats try to keep there government a secret like niggas watching them, but Jax and  Chris Thurston was one in the same. Like I said Jax and I were not best friends, but DEFINATLEY remeber the first and last time I saw him and hopefully the world will also. Happy BornDay my dude, Rest In Power.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Greatest Rapper Of All Time Died On MARCH 9th....."

It was about 1994-1995 I got to see Biggie Smalls perform at The Warehouse in Atlanta, GA. Big hadn't blown up yet so he was the second act. The first act was an act nobody heard of yet called Goodie Mob, and the headliner was Craig Mack...yea Biggie Smalls opening for Craig Mack. After Goodie got off stage to minimal applause it became flooded with people and Big came out and started his set. Midway thru his set Puff demanded everyone off stage and the show wouldn't continue till it happened. Big didn't care. This dude up there in the meantime freestyling and telling jokes, "Imma tell yall a joke. It's a long ass joke tho. Yall ready? JJOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEE". The crowd laughed, the stage got emptied, and I heard "Dreams" for the first time ever amazed that EVERYONE knew the words but me. This was the first of the first of two times I had the priviledge to see one of my favorite Emcees do his thing. People can debate over and over about who's the greatest of all time, but today yall gotta put that on hold. March 9th is Notorious B.I.G. day.

Elzhi's "Deep"

Elzhi's "Deep" Official Music Video Directed by Gerard Victor Atillo   

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are...Reflection Eternal.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are...Reflection Eternal. 
"Revolutions Per Minute" coming this Spring 2010!"In This World" Directed by Punit Dhesi.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pawn Takes King

This is the first "video" I did. It was for my group Unxnoun Ceeds....I did Emcee at one time, i think I still do. I called up Kush, Qualm, and Loud and told them I had to do a video for my class at Art Institue of Fort Lauderdale and they were located in Atlanta. They ran around the city and got footage on a retail minidv cam  with no music to accompany the footage they shot so syncing it was a bit difficult. I did my part in my parents backyard and across the street and then tried to create magic. I was quite proud of my little creation and maybe one day we can get another Unxnoun Ceeds video????
...I present to you "Pawn Takes King"

365 Days

The homie Luladae Terefe has a dope concept going on her Facebook page. A shot a day for 365 days! So far she is ten days deep and this is shot number 10. Follow her dedication and check her site daily for updates.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Nobody Smiling"

Movie trailer for upcoming film staring Shay Roundtree, Teck $ Holmes, Jeanette Branch, Cherie Johnson, Darris Love, Aaron Frazier, Flawless and Larry B. Scott. Written, directed and edited by Jamal Dedeaux. 
Go to the website to download for free or get a copy for $5.00. Support independent films!!!!