Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kelly Love Jones: "For You" by Roni Nicole

I met Kelly Jones in about 1992 when she was at high school with my cousin. I came up to ATL from Florida and performed in their high school talent show with them. 1994 Kelly come to Ga Southern University where I was attending with my cousin, JLoud, and Luladae Terefe of the 365 photo fame. I just wanna saw I know some talented MF's, anyway, myself, Loud, and Kelly do another talent show this time at a college level. There where HATERS in the crowd which we came to love, because that's how we came to meet Amen Kush and Great Scott, who was attending Morehouse College, and beefed up the roster for the Unxnoun Ceeds. After watching our glorious performance and stewing because they didn't have the idea first, they invited us back to their dorm room to "smoke" which was some sort of freestyle battle sneak attack. After holding our own over fantastic instrumentals from the 94 era we earned our respect. The UnXnoun Ceeds had grown and long lasting friendships were formed. Fast forward to 2009 outside Cenci in East Atlanta I come across this young lady with shot list in hand I hear is doing this video for Kelly Love Jones. She introduces herself as Roni Nicole of Moving Pictures and after seeing her work and her many more times around town I knew I had to work with her. To make a long story short, look out for myself and Roni doing Mike Flo's "Static" video soon and check the video she did for my folk Kelly Love Jones...

Honor Music Group and Moving Pictures present Kelly Love Jones' debut music video, directed by Roni Nicole.
Produced by Karen Marie Mason for Honor Music Group
Production Design by Ingrid Sibley
Hair Design by Anna Clark and Tellis Dee Johnson aka Mr. Silky
Makeup by Tonisha for Technikohler Artistry
Fire and Wind by Choma
Wardrobe by Roni Nicole
Special Thanks to Y-Not Vintage, Cenci, Vegabond Catering

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