Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Greatest Rapper Of All Time Died On MARCH 9th....."

It was about 1994-1995 I got to see Biggie Smalls perform at The Warehouse in Atlanta, GA. Big hadn't blown up yet so he was the second act. The first act was an act nobody heard of yet called Goodie Mob, and the headliner was Craig Mack...yea Biggie Smalls opening for Craig Mack. After Goodie got off stage to minimal applause it became flooded with people and Big came out and started his set. Midway thru his set Puff demanded everyone off stage and the show wouldn't continue till it happened. Big didn't care. This dude up there in the meantime freestyling and telling jokes, "Imma tell yall a joke. It's a long ass joke tho. Yall ready? JJOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEE". The crowd laughed, the stage got emptied, and I heard "Dreams" for the first time ever amazed that EVERYONE knew the words but me. This was the first of the first of two times I had the priviledge to see one of my favorite Emcees do his thing. People can debate over and over about who's the greatest of all time, but today yall gotta put that on hold. March 9th is Notorious B.I.G. day.

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  1. love him to fukkin pieces.... I woulda married me some Biggie.. lol