Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pawn Takes King

This is the first "video" I did. It was for my group Unxnoun Ceeds....I did Emcee at one time, i think I still do. I called up Kush, Qualm, and Loud and told them I had to do a video for my class at Art Institue of Fort Lauderdale and they were located in Atlanta. They ran around the city and got footage on a retail minidv cam  with no music to accompany the footage they shot so syncing it was a bit difficult. I did my part in my parents backyard and across the street and then tried to create magic. I was quite proud of my little creation and maybe one day we can get another Unxnoun Ceeds video????
...I present to you "Pawn Takes King"

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  1. My sonng!! "Where da hoes is at?? Im tryna cultivate the soil.. Flow so hot it went from bake to broil.." -- The emcee formerly known as B Price