Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Naked Under My Clothes...

So 0333 Saturday Morning I'm on Twitter, @bprice954 get @ me, and Ms. Badu @fatbellybella let's everyone that's awake at GrindTime know that it's time to shuffle over to her website and check out her new video. I been in love, excuse me, A FAN of Badu and her music and live show from the jump so of course I oblige and head to I liked the look of the vid off rip. Film look, Badu, good song, then.....anyway by now EVERYONE knows how it went down. I couldn't deny posting it just cause it's been hyped out already. I'm a FAN. I gotta do it. Hopefully we all can get the message, get the music, and GO BUY THE ALBUM.

Go to for the video. Here's THE INSPIRATION.

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