Monday, March 22, 2010


Had to start with one of my favorite videos of ALL time.

noisivision September 11, 2006I produced this video, which was a lot of fun to make. It was the longest running music video on BET when it originaly aired.

Trivia #1: The red car in the beginning was my 1991 Mercury Capri.

Trivia #2: There is no violence depicted in the video. There are looters, cops, exploding cars, etc., but no violence.

Trivia #3: Flava Flav and the Alkoholiks are featured in the video

Trivia #4: In the looting scene, the guy crashing through the window holding onto a box was our stunt coordinator, Branscombe Richmond. If you look closely, you will notice there is nothing inside the box.

Trivia #5: The concept of the video, i.e., making it look like one continuous shot with no cuts, was Xzibit's.

Producer: Braddon Mendelson
Director: Gregory Dark
Prod. Co.: FM Rocks

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