Monday, March 15, 2010

Who's JAX????

Jax and I weren't best friends. We didn't hang out all the the time. Chris Thurston was a GOOD dude and I respected that. When we saw each other there was a mutual respect and each time I was genuinely glad to see the brother. The first time i saw dude was the first time I saw Binkis Recs at the Apache and dudes was DEEEEP. This was around the Cult Of Icon '99 era and I took notice. Each time we scheduled to work together something hindered that opportunity which saddens me to this day. These days a lot of cats try to keep there government a secret like niggas watching them, but Jax and  Chris Thurston was one in the same. Like I said Jax and I were not best friends, but DEFINATLEY remeber the first and last time I saw him and hopefully the world will also. Happy BornDay my dude, Rest In Power.

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